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28th September 2020 
Yoga. yoga1

Physical Benefits

Mobilises joints
Improves flexibility
Increases lung capacity
Aligns posture
Stronger sense of balance

Physiological Benefits

Lowers blood pressure
Builds bone density
Improves sleep
Regulates body weight
Strengthens your immune system

Yoga. meditation

Psychological Benefits

Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety
Increases confidence
Improves focus and concentration
Fosters resilience
Greater self-awareness

What to Wear

Light comfortable clothing that allows you to bend and stretch through different postures is best. Yoga is practiced barefoot, if you would prefer to cover your feet, only yoga socks are advisable.

Yoga. Yoga relaxation

Before/During Class

Avoid eating at least 2 hours before class as postures engage abdominal muscles and a full stomach can cause discomfort.

Please inform me before class if you have a physical injury, have had recent surgery or have a medical condition that could impact your ability to participate in the class. I will offer suitable modifications to suit individual body needs.

You may want to have some water to stay hydrated throughout the class.

Blood pressure can drop during relaxation at the end of class, which can leave you feeling cold, extra layers of clothing are advised.