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26th May 2019 
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Welcome to my web page my name is Sharon Doherty I am a registered and accredited counsellor and member of BACP and COSCA. I offer individual counselling to private clients, trainees and EAP providers. I can provide supervision to trainees, employees within their organisation andprivate supervision sessions.

Since 1997 I have lived with the diagnosis of a chronic condition as a result I have developed a particular interest in supporting clients living with the ongoing health issues attributed to an auto-immune condition. I understand that these types of illness can present a complex range of physical and psychological symptoms that respond well to regular complementary therapy sessions. I can offer 90 minute sessions of aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki from consulting rooms in Shotts or Glasgow. I am a member of CTHA and you can check my embody listing here.

I teach yoga to help participants improve balance, strength and flexibility while using the breath to bring balance between the body and mind.

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My passion for counselling adults and young people with a range of presenting issues comes from the challenges I have faced in life and learning to overcome difficult situations. I have consulting rooms in Shotts and Glasgow and welcome referrals from several sources and offer a reduced rate for counselling students in personal therapy.

Family Counselling Coming in 2019


I work with supervisees from voluntary and statutory organisations as well those in private practice to expand their skills as a professional counsellor or practitioner. I encourage and support reflection and development around; legal issues, safeguarding, theoretical knowledge, ethical issues and development of self awareness. I offer clinical supervision in Glasgow and Shotts to practitioners and students from all modalities and offer a reduced rate for students that require supervision.

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Beginner/Intermediate Yoga Class

Venue: Shotts Community Education Centre, Kirk Road, ML7 5ET

Day: Wednesday

Time: 6.30pm

Cost: 7

First class of the new year Wednesday 9/1/18, hope to see you at a class soon.

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Companies & Communities

I believe that positive relationships and connections we have with family, work and our community can contribute to good physical and mental health. For this reason I am keen to connect with community projects, services, counsellors and complementary therapists that have a shared interested in supporting local people's health and wellbeing and developing local communities across Lanarkshire.

I can offer individual complementary therapy sessions, bespoke stress management or relaxation workshops and yoga classes in a variety of settings including: Schools, Third Sector Organisations, Local Businesses and Community Organisations to support staff and service users in groups or individual therapeutic support as required.

These services are designed to give employees, parents, carers and young people access to an experienced counsellor to equip them with the skills to manage the stresses of everyday life by positive decision making and developing suitable coping strategies.

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Complementary Therapy


Is a slow rhythmic massage together with a bespoke blend of organic essential oils to help your body to release toxic waste. I work on the areas of the body that require the most attention on the day of your aromatherapy treatment to help your muscles release tension and re-balance your body and energy.


Works on principle that the entire human body is mapped across your feet and different parts of the body can be stimulated by working specific points on your feet. This treatment works purely on your feet, or the hands when the feet are contra-indicated.


Is a deeply relaxing treatment that works on your body's or energy levels to balance the flow energy through all your internal organs, muscles and systems in your body. Treatments are carried out fully clothed and hands can be placed directly on, or just above your body. Clients often report feeling relaxed and refreshed after their treatment.

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Reiki Training

I have been guiding practitioners or clients through all levels of reiki since 2006 and observe new learning experiences with each attunement. During your training you will have plenty of opportunity to explore theoretical understanding, working with energies, building your own self awareness and get involved in discussions.

Client feedback

"Before I had any massage I was so stressed and not dealing with any of my problems. I now have less back pain and sleep better at night. I feel much more relaxed and able to manage day to day life."

" Counselling was a chance for me to talk about why I was feeling angry all the time, my sessions helped me to understand my anger find different ways to deal with my anger that help me."

"It was good to have someone to talk to about my problems and over the weeks I began to see things differently. Eventually I was able to make a decision about my future that would reduce a lot of stress.